BLM and celebrities

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By Jack

The BLM movement is still protesting and growing in the US as in the rest of the world, even if television doesn’t talk about it that much anymore. Black Lives Matter is supported by the black community but also by its ‘allies’: non-white people that support the cause. Among these we can find also celebrities like Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, the Obamas and many many others.

A lot were those that went to the streets to protest but Beyoncé, a.k.a. Queen B, who has always been an ally, did a lot to spread information and to help BLM. In fact, she transformed her own website into a memorial for black victims of police brutality and an information point about many ways to help the movement and the victims’ families. She has also written a song, released on the Juneteenth weekend (a festivity that celebrates the end of slavery on 19th June) called BLACK PARADE. It’s a very cheerful and powerful song with some important lyrics that point out the mistreating and the oppression that black people have been suffering from. Finally, at the 2020 BET Awards she was given a prize for her humanitarian commitment by Michelle Obama and in her acceptance speech she gave a reminder to vote this year as if people’s lives depended on it, because it does.

Other examples of famous activists may be Justin Timberlake and Emily Ratajkowski, who personally took part in the riots but also used their platforms and social media to encourage people to donate to BLM and to go to the protests, and to talk about violent actions of police officers they saw  during those protests. 

BLM is still a hot topic and I don’t think that people should forget it, whether we’re talking about street protests or small daily actions. ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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