• Don’t say …, use …!

    Coronavirus has brought up many new words and terms. Some of these might be confusing for second language speakers, so let’s have a look at some of these thanks to the Instagram stories that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has published last Sunday. Tampon! or swab? This could be a big issue for Italians: how do you call the test that the doctor performs taking a sample of your saliva? Think before you speak: this is a tampon! Did you mean swab? From AOC’s story, we see that you can have a nasal swab, or a blood test. She also mentions mild symptoms, which means you got a light reaction, and not…

  • An incalculable loss

    This was the front page of the New York Times issue on Sunday, May 24. A long solemn list that wants to represent the overwhelming number of victims to coronavirus that the country has suffered. This list is really powerful, but it is not just a list. It also includes a short description to each name and age, to say something of the uniqueness of that person. We will probably remember this front page forever, as it is really one-of-a-kind, as we are used to front pages with headings, subheadings, pictures. This time, there is only graphics: one title and each name makes a little subheading on its own. The…

  • When life gives you lemons – what’s in a title

    Make space Maybe some of you doesn’t know the expression ‘when life gives you lemons.’ This is a proverbial phrase that originally was: The idea is to turn something bad into something positive, in a chance to improve or change for better. In time, this expression has been interpreted in many ways, starting from your drinking taste: Others call for revenge: … sometimes with a pinch of surprise effect But then 2020 came, and When Life Gives You Lemons (WGLYL) can be now seen from a totally different angle: Hope your day will be great… but if life gives you lemons, let us know what you will do with them!!

  • When life gives you lemons, … make space

    Time has come for us to take a step further. After 8 issues of a newsletter, When life gives you lemons becomes a blog. Every week we will be looking at some English content to check some new vocabulary and expressions. What’s new We are now in Phase 2, this means we can finally get our of our households a little more than we used to. During this lockdown, we had to change our habits and get used to spaces in a new way. Probably even the biggest houses were prisons, guess what happened in tiny apartments. So here it is, the subheading of when life gives you lemons (WLGYL)…

  • Content for kids

    What should I do with my kids at home to practice some English? From today, you can find some material to play with your kids without the stress of school, homework, and tests. Do the activities at your own pace, and have fun! You can find our activities for kids here.

  • It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

    We always think we are going through hard times, until it comes something that puts everything in perspective. Of course, the last months have been busy, and I am proud of all we have done together. Now, we are forced to stay in, but this does not mean we have to lock down our lives. In the last year we have shared many things together, and I am really proud of the outcome. The time we are living has forced us to use technology to keep our human relationships going. Then, I will be updating the website, adding some content, some initiatives, and maybe some worksheets, and in general letting…

  • Bubble! Emperors and Royals

    Our wonderful Japanese Maki is going to open next Tuesday’s Bubble! talking about the Japanese and the British Royal families, as the new Reiwa time has started in Japan with the new Emperor! Review all your vocabulary about family relationships and comparatives, bring a friend and join us at Bubble! on Tuesday 9th at 9 pm.

  • Bubble! Brain

    Do you think you have a good memory? Do you learn poems by heart? Do you remember what you eat last week and the names of all your relatives? Good! If not, here you can find some advice about how to improve your brain  and here a challenging video with a little test. And last but not least, here you will find some idioms about head and brain. Even better: come to Bubble! tomorrow night and join our conversation group!

  • Bubble! heart

    With Valentine’s day a couple of weeks away, we will talk about the importance of happiness for having a strong heart, and about dating apps. The meeting is equally for anybody, regardless of their sex or status: join us and have some fun!