• Bubble! game night

    With the new year, the game night is back! Get ready to show your abilities to win our ability bingo, or review your vocabulary for a scrabble match or a spoon round! Remember to bring a friend!

  • Bubble! Xmas party

    Don’t miss Bubble!’s Xmas event! Do you like the Xmas spirit? Do you like travelling? This is event is just perfect for you!! On Tuesday 18th December, we will have some special guests telling us about New York and Xmas time in the Big Apple! Since it will be the last Bubble! before Xmas, we will also have some panettone together and you have to bring a friend! What is more, we want to celebrate Xmas Jumper Day and Ugly Sweater Day showing off our awesome crazy jumpers, but especially to raise some money for charity and helping people to spend a better Xmas! Don’t miss Bubble! Xmas on Tuesday 18th December, 9…

  • Bubble! Colours

    With the autumn colours entering the landscape, we are talking about colours at the upcoming Bubble! Do you remember the Pixar cartoon Inside Out? Every feeling is matched to a colour, and it is needless to say that this follows some scientific research. If you want to know how the colours in your environment influence your mood and productivity, have a look at this video by science of people or read about it at this post of verywellmind.com. During Bubble! we will also have a look at some expressions related to colours… have you ever felt blue?

  • 12th July – Bubble! Music

    Dear Bubblers! next Bubble! will move to Thursday, 12th July at 9 p.m.. We will talk about music: your favourite songs, singers, groups or soundtracks. If you want to hear an example of how to talk about your favourite song, have a look at this video. If you want to get some idioms connected with music, this is the video you are looking for. Please, subscribe to the event, like it and share it on Facebook!

  • Welcome to Bubble!

    Join us at our events:     Summer 2018 Bubble!    5th June, 9 p.m. – Let me introduce you… Bubble! 15th June 9 p.m. –  Nativa: do you really know your body? 19th June 9 p.m. – Boschetto Film Festival: TV series 26th June 7 p.m. – Murabilia helps us get to know Montagnana 3rd July – Surprise! 10th July – Surprise!   To know the place where we will meet, contact us!