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By Luisa

Everyone likes having a drink before dinner. Personally, I like eating tapas. They are known all over the world and today I would like to explain to you their origin.

Tapas are a typical dish of Spain, where dinner is usually served between 9 and 11 p.m and sometimes even at midnight. The Spanish people eat tapas between the end of the working day and dinner. Originally, a ‘tapa’ was a free portion of food served with any drink ordered. In Spain, tapas were traditional in Andalusia in Southern Spain, but now you can find them everywhere. Going back to their history, it seems that the King Alfonso X of Castille could only eat and drink in small amounts, while he was recuperating from an illness. This was the first time tapas were made. The King thought this was a marvellous idea and decreed that all drinks should be served with a small snack. Others think that Alfonso XIII ordered wine in a popular tavern in Cadiz. Due to the strong wind the wine glass was served covered by a piece of cheese to avoid the sand would get inside.  

At the beginning, tapas were made of cheese or ham, but nowadays there are different types of tapas: warm and cold, with fish, meat, cheese, or vegetables. Everyone can choose what they prefer.

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