• Bubble! game night

    With the new year, the game night is back! Get ready to show your abilities to win our ability bingo, or review your vocabulary for a scrabble match or a spoon round! Remember to bring a friend!

  • Bubble! viral

    What are the videos you watch most often on the internet? And what is your favourite meme? At next Bubble! we will talk about viral videos and memes, so bring in your favourites and get ready to share them with your friends. In the meantime you can listen to what makes a video go viral or have a look at these memes.

  • Bubble! Xmas party

    Don’t miss Bubble!’s Xmas event! Do you like the Xmas spirit? Do you like travelling? This is event is just perfect for you!! On Tuesday 18th December, we will have some special guests telling us about New York and Xmas time in the Big Apple! Since it will be the last Bubble! before Xmas, we will also have some panettone together and you have to bring a friend! What is more, we want to celebrate Xmas Jumper Day and Ugly Sweater Day showing off our awesome crazy jumpers, but especially to raise some money for charity and helping people to spend a better Xmas! Don’t miss Bubble! Xmas on Tuesday 18th December, 9…

  • Bubble! words

    2018 is getting to its end, and new editions of dictionaries are being published. Every year, new words enter dictionaries following how language evolves. Here you can find the list of new words added to Collins dictionaries in 2018. Next Tuesday at Bubble! we will talk about words and find your own words to describe 2018. Come and join Bubble next Tuesday, November 20th, at 9 pm and bring a friend!!

  • Bubble! Halloween

    With Halloween just a few days away, let’s talk about this tradition. If you want to find out something about the history of Halloween, you can watch this video or have a look at how it is celebrated around the world! And if you want to know some halloween-themed idioms, look here for some!

  • Bubble! Changes

    Next Tuesday at Bubble!, we are going to talk about how life was before and after the internet! To refresh your memories, you can have a look at this video called 25 things people did before the internet you won’t believe or you can read an interesting article about how things changed before and after the internet. And you? What are the things you miss of the pre-internet era? And what do you prefer of the current online society we are living in?  

  • Bubble! Colours

    With the autumn colours entering the landscape, we are talking about colours at the upcoming Bubble! Do you remember the Pixar cartoon Inside Out? Every feeling is matched to a colour, and it is needless to say that this follows some scientific research. If you want to know how the colours in your environment influence your mood and productivity, have a look at this video by science of people or read about it at this post of verywellmind.com. During Bubble! we will also have a look at some expressions related to colours… have you ever felt blue?

  • Bubble! Sport

    Are you ready for the World Cup Final between Croatia and France? If you are a football fan, but also if you are not, next Tuesday we will talk about sports to do and to watch! Feel free to join us at 9 p.m. on Tuesday 17th July. Add a comment to know where we will meet