When life gives you lemons – what’s in a title

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Maybe some of you doesn’t know the expression ‘when life gives you lemons.’ This is a proverbial phrase that originally was:

The idea is to turn something bad into something positive, in a chance to improve or change for better.

In time, this expression has been interpreted in many ways, starting from your drinking taste:

Others call for revenge:

‘throw them at someone’
hit someone with lemons
If Life Gives You Lemons T-Shirt | TeeCraze
(a stall is what you see in the picture)

… sometimes with a pinch of surprise effect

‘wonder’ means try to understand

But then 2020 came, and When Life Gives You Lemons (WGLYL) can be now seen from a totally different angle:

Hope your day will be great… but if life gives you lemons, let us know what you will do with them!!

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