An incalculable loss

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This was the front page of the New York Times issue on Sunday, May 24. A long solemn list that wants to represent the overwhelming number of victims to coronavirus that the country has suffered. This list is really powerful, but it is not just a list. It also includes a short description to each name and age, to say something of the uniqueness of that person.

We will probably remember this front page forever, as it is really one-of-a-kind, as we are used to front pages with headings, subheadings, pictures. This time, there is only graphics: one title and each name makes a little subheading on its own.

The online version of the article looks like a desert with some little human figures representing the victims, some of which have a short description.

Some people are remembered for their personality:

This grandma must have been resourceful
She was definitely a good friend
He was probably brave and valiant
Did what was right regardless of the consequences.

Other people are mentioned for their work and passions:

He was the holder of this business
He had worked as a politician
He was a shop assistant at Walmart
He was no longer a firefighter, as he had been for
too many years
He loved riding his motorbikes

Can you find other examples of these categories? Can you think of someone who is a quiet hero? Or someone who is never at loss for words?

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