‘To be charged with’ and protesting guidelines

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It is all over the news now: the policeman who arrested George Floyd has been charged with murder, meaning he has been formally accused of such a crime.

Unfortunately, we all know what happened by now (there is already a Wikipedia page about George Floyd’s death), and I will not go into it now. All over the country curfews have been ordered, so people can not go out at certain times of night or day.

In Chicago, you can’t go out from 9 pm to 6 am

What we also know is protests are spreading across the country, and AOC (yes, we have some fans here) has shared some guidelines for safe protesting.

Pictures are pretty clear, so let’s give the post a read:

  • ‘look out’ or pay attention and be careful
  • ‘grassroots’ is used to speak about a movement that has been built from local communities up, and not from top to bottom. For example, AOC herself was elected thanks to a grassroots campaign.
  • ‘show up’ means to arrive
  • ‘buddy’ is a word we use to say someone is our friend or our mate, someone who cares about you and will look out for you.

Do you have a buddy? A work buddy or a yoga buddy? Write it down in the comments!

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