WorDshop – what is it?

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As you have hopefully read, we have started to post the material of our

WorDshop is a project I am carrying on with some teenagers who would like to improve their writing. Every week we meet, discuss some topics, and review some style and expressions. Each of the writers choose their own topic and start writing, after some comment exchange on the draft, we agree on the final version, and we post.

It is one of their first experiences writing for an audience, so please kind. They are putting their heart out there, and experimenting some non-native-language writing to express their own ideas and feelings, just try to guess how difficult it might be for them. And still, when I first talked to them about the project, they were even more enthusiastic than me. They believe in this, and are putting all of their effort on these posts of theirs.

Have you read the first two posts? Is there anything you would like to read about? Any opinion you would like to ask a 2020 teenager? Leave a comment

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